DLS Hosts ESCO Biosafety Seminar

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The School of Life Sciences hosted a biosafety seminar entitled “Overview of Laboratory Ventilation Equipment & Safe Use of Biosafety, Fume Hood, and Laminar Air Flow Cabinets” on 23rd March, 2016. Over 50 students and faculty members involved in laboratory research in the Life Sciences attended the seminar. Ms. Kazi Sabrina Afreen, Senior Lecturer in SLS, introduced the speaker Mr. Rony M.J.H. Chowdhury, who conducted the seminar on behalf of ESCO Lifesciences (Bangladesh) Pvt. Ltd. The seminar provided valuable information on the design and proper use of the various kinds of hoods and biosafety cabinets that are available. SLS’s state of the art laboratory infrastructure provides for a top of the line fume hood, a laminar flow hood within a positive pressure ventilated room, among other biosafety cabinets.  Having an understanding of the techniques that are used in the maintenance of a sterile and functional environment will prove useful to both faculty members and students who are currently engaged in benchtop research.  Currently many students are working with SLS faculty members on either faculty research projects or projects designed for the classes and the Life Sciences Club.

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