Life Science Students Present Original Research at Dhaka University in the Global Network of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists (GNOBB) Conference

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A total of 13 students from the School of Life Sciences (SLS) participated in the 4th IPFS-ICBHA 2019-GNOBB Conference at the University of Dhaka from November 11-13, 2019. Seven SLS students, Shaheera Rahman, Ridwan Hossain, Jabale Rahmat, Humaira Marzia Alam, Sanzida Islam Bristi, Sigma Hussain and Masuma Afrin Taniya, did poster presentations on their Undergraduate Senior Project work at the conference. Two SLS students, Ethneen Mostofa and Tasnim Zuairia Ahmed presented their work in lightning oral sessions.

The Global Network of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists (GNOBB) organized the 4th International Conference of Biotechnology on Health and Agriculture (ICBHA) as a joint conference with Innovation in Plant and Food Sciences (IPFS). The theme of the conference was Molecular Interventions for Food, Feed, Health and Environment. The goal of this conference was to build capacity and create awareness on the latest trends in biotechnology for improving health, agriculture and the environment in Bangladesh.

The details of the SLS students presenting their work are as follows:

1. Lightning session: Food and environment
Ethneen Mostofa

Antimicrobial resistance pattern and presence of extended spectrum beta lactamase in Enterobacteriaceae isolated from shrimp samples collected from local markets around Dhaka city

2. Lightning session: Health and Medicine
Tasnim Zuairia Ahmed

A comparative study on biofilm formation inhibitors to overcome antibiotic resistance

3. Poster session: Health and Medicine
Shaheera Rahman

Evidence for positive selection on innate immune proteins targeted by Yersinia pestis effectors in rodents

4. Poster session: Health and Medicine
Ridwan Hossain

Positive selection on genes involved in sex steroid metabolism in primates suggests a role for sexual conflict in the evolution of cancer and social behavior

5. Poster session: Health and Medicine
Jabale Rahmat

Evidence for positive selection acting on the immune pleiotropic gene IDO1 since its emergence in mammals

6. Poster session: Health and Medicine
Humaira Marzia Alam

Positive selection has shaped the evolution of the Lassa virus intracellular entry receptor LAMP1 in rodents

7. Poster session: Health and Medicine
Sanzida Islam Bristi

Rapid evolution of haptoglobin in Bovidae

8. Poster session: Health and Medicine
Sigma Hussain

Evidence for molecular arms races with bacterial siderophores shaping the evolution of lipocalin-2 in mammals

9. Poster session: Health and Medicine
Masuma Afrin Taniya

Virtual screening and pharmacological property breakdown of eight patented and candidate drugs against four intended targets in Alzheimer’s disease