DLS Biochemistry Student Wins the Coveted 2019 International Wellcome Sanger Prize

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Maliha Tanjum Chowdhury, a 3rd-year Biochemistry student at the Dept. of Life Sciences at Independent University, Bangladesh has just won the prestigious 2019 International Wellcome Sanger Institute Prize. This is the first time that a Bangladeshi student has ever won this international recognition. The Wellcome Sanger Institute is one of the most renowned centers for genome research in the world. The winner of the Wellcome Sanger Prize is awarded a 3-month internship at the Institute where all expenses including travel and accommodation, etc. are covered.
Three students from the Dept. of Life Sciences at IUB (Mr. Jabale Rahmat and Ms. Humaira Alam along with Ms. Maliha Tanjum Chowdhury) were among the 34 participants who made it to the second stage, out of 480 students from a list of 135 eligible countries who had participated in the first round.
The Sanger Institute Prize is an annual competition started in 2002 by the Wellcome Sanger Institute for undergraduate students from low- and middle-income countries which assesses the students’ inherent understanding of genomics and their ability to critically utilize that knowledge in proposing innovative ways of moving forward experimentally. In the 2019 competition, applicants were asked to write an essay detailing their interest in genomics for the first round. The selected individuals from the first round were then invited to send in an article in the form of a commentary for the journal Nature on the topic “CRISPR-cas9: Opportunities and Hurdles for Clinical Translation”.