Undergraduate Program in Biochemistry

Overall Requirements for an Undergraduate Degree in Biochemistry:

All students who wish to major in Biochemistry must complete 38 credits in University Foundation Courses, 75 credits in Biology Core Courses, 15 credits in Minor Courses, 3 credits in a Senior Project Course, and 3 credits in the University’s Live-In Field Experience.

Biochemistry Majors must choose a minor either in Biotechnology or in The Biochemical Basis of Disease. The elective courses within each minor track will only be offered provided six students register for the class.

The total number of credits required for graduation is 134 credits, distributed as:


University Foundation Courses 38 credits
Major Courses (Biochemistry Core) 75 credits
Minor Courses (Electives for Tracks/Concentrations) 15 credits
Senior Project in Biochemistry (Lab-based thesis or literature review) 3 credits
Live-In Field Experience LFE 3 credits
Total Credits for Graduation = 134 credits