The Dept. of Life Sciences at IUB Hosts Dr. Nazneen Aziz, CEO of Variant Genomics, USA

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The School of Life Sciences at Independent University, Bangladesh hosted Dr. Nazneen Aziz, President and CEO of Variant Genomics, Inc. for a seminar entitled “How Precision Medicine Helps Patient Care and Population Health” on February 13th, 2019 in the IUB Auditorium.  The talk focused on the scientific, economic, and social aspects of precision medicine, and provided an update on the current state of genomics technology and its use in precision medicine.  Differences between individuals at the level of the genome can influence their susceptibility to various diseases, as well as affect how they respond to many types of drugs.  As genomic data becomes cheaper and easier to acquire, it is increasingly feasible to examine patients’ genomes while assessing treatment options, paving the way for personalized medicine.

Professor Rita Yusuf, Dean of the School of Life Sciences welcomed Dr. Aziz, and provided a brief background of her illustrious academic pedigree and achievements in both science and industry.  Prof Yusuf also provided a backdrop for the talk by illustrating the power and promise of personalized medicine through patient success stories.  The Vice Chancellor of IUB, Professor Omar M. Rahman, in his closing address, expounded on the potential of precision medicine to revolutionize healthcare by replacing the current one-size-fits-all approach for the vast majority of drugs.  Ms. Afreen Zaman Khan, Lecturer of Biochemistry, hosted the ceremony.  Members of the Board of Trustees, faculty, and administration attended the seminar, which was followed by a stimulating and dynamic question and answer session.  Assistant Professor Dr. Sabrina M. Elias offered the formal vote of thanks.

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